Business Majors and Minors

The business program at NYU Shanghai is designed to provide students with comprehensive preparation for the modern globalized business world. It builds upon the liberal education designed into the NYU Shanghai core curriculum. Before entering the major, students will have developed an essential set of skills in mathematics, critical thinking, and oral and written communication. They will also have acquired a familiarity with the general cultural and scientific contexts in which businesses operate. Within the major, students obtain:

a) a deeper understanding of the modern global business environment and its economic structure; b) disciplinary skills in economics and statistics; c) a focused introduction to accounting, finance, marketing, operations, and organizational management.


Business and Finance

The business and finance major at NYU Shanghai helps students develop knowledge and skills in corporate finance, investment management, securities trading and accounting, etc. 

Business and Marketing

The business and marketing major at NYU Shanghai is designed to help students develop knowledge and skills in marketing management, customer insights, brand management, pricing, and more. 

Interactive Media and Business

Students of Interactive Media + Business (IMB), will be challenged to imagine and implement interactive products and services that fearlessly investigate the recently possible in media, technology, and communication. IMB majors are also expected to think holistically about the impact of their work on society as well as the business value, whether it involves software or hardware, virtual or physical, product or experiment. Through coursework that requires the hands-on application of traditional as well as emerging theory and practice across multiple disciplines, IMB majors will graduate well prepared for stimulating careers and leadership roles in diverse organizations across the globe.